This Lemur Life: Waves for Conservation Education

View flying over the Australian desert en route to Madagascar!

View flying over the Australian desert en route to Madagascar!

Emma here, with some exciting news to share!

Our application for the Save Our Species (SOS) Threatened Species grant for the radio education project “This Lemur Life”—Waves for Conservation Education, with the Stony Brook Foundation, was successful!

Over the next 12 months our cross-disciplinary team, Florent Ravoavy, Lova Razafindravony, Alain Rasolomampriandra, Daniella Rabino, Katherine Kling and myself, Emma Browne, guided by Dr. Patricia Wright, will work together to develop SOS lemur radio programs, an educational support pack and teacher training activities. These will encourage rural children to relate to interconnected needs in their backyard and offer remote teachers resources and training opportunities. We’re beginning by working in partnership with the Centre ValBio education program “My Rainforest, My World”, to work with remote schools around the southeastern rainforest of Ranomafana National Park. 

We are all extremely excited about working across disciplines (a rarity in this area) on inclusive protocol and evaluative design to provide a reflective space for children to define relationships with forests and their incredible inhabitants, shaping their lives and possibilities. I personally couldn’t book my flights fast enough, and arrive, after a 5 day journey involving a 500km drive and 4 flights from the Central Australian desert, in Antananarivo on Monday afternoon. From there I’ll be meeting the team at MICET and Alain before traveling to Centre Val Bio (CVB) on Tuesday.

I can’t wait to introduce the team, expand on project design and share updates…. so stay tuned!Radio-Lemur-Logo-5 With SOS Logo

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