Characters from the forest…


This comet moth is one of the unique and wonderful creatures we’re imagining to work with for an animal play set, currently in the design phase. We’ve been discussing ideas with Susie McGuire of Conservation Fusion, to play around with a forest set that we can use towards children’s story creations across programs. The hope is that having forest characters from Madagascar accessible in rural villages will make these incredible endemic species a source of pride as part of children’s emerging narratives. And a sustainable handmade design, created in country, can place that pride in their diverse home and reinforce imagining the concrete possibilities are not so far away.

IMG_3439 Researching species… Even the fossa likes karaoke

Characters of the forest such as the vibrant mantella, the adorable mouse lemur and fiersome mongoose are being brought to life through the electric collaboration of artists Alain and Nanie. Soon they will have designed a set of animal figurines for a Rainforest Play Set to be proposed for creating with local women’s groups for schools in the region and in collaboration with friends. We’ll be posing the concept in partnership for the chance to prototype sets and work with local artisans.

Check out Alain’s sketches for the prototypes!!

Forest House Mouse Lemur RT Mongoose Tenrec

Alain and I are in the process of working on an accompanying booklet describing the unique and interrelated forest ecosystem and its weird and wonderful inhabitants!

 IMG_3423Alain and Nanie meet to go over design ideas

Welcome to the ins and outs of studio planning!! It’s the energy that goes in before plans are ready for proposed developments that makes projects inspiring, bustling as a shared and enchanted dream of many. .

So cool to watch as PLAY enters a place with awesome teammates and supportive spaces to explore, working with Centre ValBio and these new Stony Brook Foundation programs, thanks to SOS and the Three Graces Foundation. It seems like the other day, Daniella and I were sharing storytelling possibilities as a “one day” thought for Madagascar, walking along the beach of Brighton, mid MA, and now Alain and I chat in the rainforest, digging up its stories…


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