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Who are we?

We are an education research and design team, committed to cross-disciplinary challenge of including communities in conservation & sustainable livelihoods. We work alongside conservation sites in Madagascar’s eastern rainforest that share in our hopeful vision that children matter. We work with conservation groups to combine scientific and contextual resources with our education and development expertise to bring new hope alive.

We focus on children’s inclusion, working across communities and conservation networks on:

1. Material design
2. Capacity building
3. Contextual planning

Our Mission

To open space for children to know their ecological world and define their future

Our mission is rooted in the core beliefs that:

1. The success of conservation depends on communities as active partners
2. A focus on childhood builds roots for sustainable community involvement
3. Children have a right to learn about their world and take part in shaping it

Why Children?

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESChildren in Madagascar comprise two-thirds of its 23 million people! While most people think LEMURS when thinking about Madagascar’s ecological concerns, children are just as vulnerable to its changing environments and need willing adults to create playful opportunities to become their world’s lasting caretakers. Most children in Madagascar have never heard about their rich natural heritage.

We’re working to change that.