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Daniella Rabino
Program Coordinator

Daniella Rabino sparks the PLAY train, with a background in children’s community care, BSc in Elementary Education, her MA in International Education and Development, and many years experience with children in diverse settings. She is now doing her PhD in Education at the University of Sussex, Centre for International Education. Aside from the PhD, Daniella is currently working on several project developments, supporting Centre ValBio in the development of My Rainforest, My World, and continuing to innovate educational concepts that can carry weight and offer support to organizations throughout the island.

She was the lucky last student of Alison Jolly at the University of Sussex, when she began to rework the dreams for the next steps to include children in Madagascar’s future. She believes that hope can be found in listening across perspectives to support children and youth creatively transform sustainable communities.

Alain with facepaint
Alain Rasolomampiandra
Children’s Illustrator

Alain Rasolo illustrates PLAY projects, including a storybook about playful adventures of a ring-tailed mongoose, classroom posters, and educational packs, to use the natural wonders to inspire and include children and communities in the context of their lives. His playful yet realistic style engages children with their ecological assets. He first began his watercolors for conservation, painting at Deborah Ross of the Ako Project’s workshop. He is currently based at Centre ValBio in Ranomafana National Park, funded by the My Rainforest, My World grant, and Rotary Clubs in Great Britain.

He completed education exhibits, Parc Ivoloina map, and zoo signs for Madagascar Fauna and Flora Group, in collaboration with artist Jana Grabner. He seems on his way to becoming the island’s specialist for children’s illustration and education design. He’s now residing at Centre ValBio in Ranomafana National Park

Lovasoa Razafindravona
Field Coordinator

Lovasoa Razafindravony coordinates PLAY activities in the field, as Project Manager for My Rainforest, My World, supporting teachers and student teachers in remote villages around Ranomafana National Park. She helps to lead the team and works on PLAY research and design to inform new curriculum and innovations. She received a DEA in Bio at the University of Antananarivo, studying another social primate, the biggest living lemur, Indri, in the eastern rainforest. Since, Lovasoa and Daniella have spent many field expeditions working on methods for children, teaching and learning across Malagasy environments.

Lova works to understand children’s relationship with their community and world, so they can build bridges for children across conservation and community partners. She brings thoughtful observations and genuine love for Madagascar to inspire involvement and activity. 

Emma Browne
Literacy Specialist

Emma recently joined the PLAY team to assist with leading the educational and logistical aspects of the SOS funded radio project ‘This Lemur Life- Waves. For Conservation Education’

Over the next several months she will work closely with Lova, Alain, Daniella and the Education team at Centre ValBio, under the leadership of Dr.Patricia Wright to engage with communities and commence scoping and design of radio podcasts.

Born in Zimbabwe, but currently living in Australia she brings diverse experience from education work in countries as varied as Mongolia, Ethiopia and the Russian Federation. She holds an MA in Applied Linguistics and an MA in International Education and Development from the University of Sussex.

Emma’s background in language, communication and community development is supported by her passion for learning and hearing children’s perspectives. Her hobby, collecting proverbs from 7 different languages/countries is well nourished by Madagascar’s rich and dynamic oral traditions.