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PLAY is a collective effort for Madagascar’s children, dedicated to past mentor, Dr. Alison Jolly.

But PLAY would not be possible without many other helpers. Here are just a few of the people that got it this far:


Friends of PLAY

S.O.S. Save Our Species for the lemur radio grant with Centre ValBio

Rotary International for funding the storybook about our ring-tailed mongoose

Professor Patricia Wright for offering us roots to begin with programs at Centre ValBio

Amy Mitchell for this website and all your support for positive change: www.pocketrobin.com

Peter Brown for the awesome logo and contributions to children’s lit: www.peterbrownstudio.com

Richard Mills, Wildlife Tours of Africa, our first official PLAY donor!

Grandparents for your serious support in setting up PLAY.

Mom, for my flights and the insurance to just do it.

And my dad and Maria for wine and food rescues.



Patricia Wright who invited me on this journey and keeps it moving with me

Florent RAVOAVY who fuels possibility through a loving vision for the people

Louise Chawla who shares her insights and support for moving goals forward

Roger Hart who always finds time to give academic guidance & connect me in

Katie Slivovsky who coaches me on conceptual planning & participatory design


Groups that Opened their Doors

Rotary for my studies with Alison Jolly and welcoming me into your clubs

Prof. Anna Nekaris for invitations and creative exchanges at Oxford Brookes

Tharcisse and SBU Study Abroad for teaching invitations and children’s days

City University Environmental Psychology Program, my NYC academic hub

Sarah Lawrence’s Child Development Institute for workshops and resources

Dr. Pia Rebello Britto for including me in the interdisciplinary reading group

Brookfield Zoo for lessons and inspiration gained from your CZL internship


Roots and Wings

MAIED Classmates for your worlds of lessons, friendship, and encouragement

Alice Benash for helping me come up with and structure ideas and approaches

Sue Perna for sharing your home with inspiring ideas for taking on challenges

Conservation groups all over Madagascar for hosting (MICET, MFG, DLC, CVB)

Sue Layden, Susan Lehr, and Christina Grassi who opened doors at Skidmore


Home Bases

SSDS Extended Day for allowing me to try wild ideas and always valuing childhood

Friends, for your patience with my moves, homes for Pebbles and me, and outlets

Everyday lifters: like the coffee shop owners that offer consistently warm mornings